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Journey To The Dumping will be coming to Sacramento Midtown at 21st Street and Q Street. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram for updates!

Discover The Art Of Dumplings And Be Changed

Journey To The Dumping is aptly named, because if you haven't discovered Chinese soup-filled dumplings (known as bao), you are in for a fun culinary trip.

The 10 Best Restaurants in All of Sacramento

People who are interested in Chinese dumplings should head on over to Journey to the Dumpling, which was founded by a couple of foodie friends. Besides dumplings, the place serves up other foods of interest such as xiao long bao stuffed with crab and pork and pork belly suspended in a sour and spicy soup.

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Appropriately, there is a journey required for these dumplings; it's 15 miles from downtown Sacramento south to the suburb of Elk Grove. Sacramento has many excellent dim sum options but it’s fair to say this newcomer, started by a trio of self-described “foodie” friends.

How to Make Noodles and Dumplings By Hand

Gary is learning how to make Noodles and Dumplings at Journey to Dumpling in Elk Grove. The restaurant is located at 7419 Laguna Blvd., Suite 180, Elk Grove, 95823.

A new dumpling house wows with bao

Yvonne Nguyen, who owns the restaurant with her boyfriend Chris Tan and head chef Justin Yang, says she and Tan specifically wanted to open a xiao long bao restaurant in their hometown of Elk Grove simply because of the lack of good bao in the Sacramento area. “There are a couple [places] that serve it, but I’ve noticed that some places serve frozen ones, and other places just don’t get the right consistency,” she says.

Ascent to dumpling heaven

What people should be saying is that Journey to the Dumpling is a fabulous local restaurant that somewhat reminds them of Din Tai Fung, with its contemporary interior, upscale service, attractive plating and focus on xiao long bao while still offering an array of Chinese dishes.

Your soup-filled-dumpling destination

Xiao long bao was otherwise hard to find locally until Journey to the Dumpling opened three months ago in the busy, casual-restaurant-filled Target shopping center on Laguna Boulevard. The journey to which the restaurant’s name – a play on the Chinese literary classic “Journey to the West” – refers culminates with readily available soup dumplings. They are made with a rich chicken-pork stock set in gelatin form until it is ready to be mixed with ground pork or seafood, wrapped in dough and steamed. The heating process turns the dumpling’s interior into soup.

Dumpling house also knows its noodles

The name of Elk Grove’s Journey to the Dumpling leaves little question about the restaurant’s specialty – dough-wrapped treats in several forms, most notably the excellent xiao long bao, or dumplings with soup inside. But chef Justin Yang’s skills extend past dumplings to other noteworthy dishes, such as Hong Kong-style chow mein.

Taste of Elk Grove

Cambi is getting a preview of the Taste of Elk Grove with pork dumplings from Journey to the Dumpling.

Best Dumplings In Town

I got a chance to check out Journey To The Dumpling in Elk Grove. I’ve really been anticipating the opening of this place. I love xiao long bao! But my standards for xiao long bao are high. I grew up going to Hong Kong all the time and so I am extremely critical of Chinese food in the United States.

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